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#359601 - Later Lyn spoke to Sue, saying they were going for a walk, I handed them one of my shirts each, Sue had trouble doing any of the buttons up, her big tits making the shirt gap open, took of saying that will do, Gretchen now alone with 3 guys started to get horny, she asked us what we liked to do or try, I told her we had done most things as we had told them, so it would be her call to let us know what she wanted to try, as guys when horny will do most things, she then started to stroke and play with our cocks. It was so nice seeing the girl walking naked, once at the top we walked to the other end, only then did I see a car, and someone with a camera, I told the others, the girls all waved and jiggled their tits at them, saying that would make his day, another car also drove past, but by now we didn't worry and waved to them. The dirtiest sexiest smile ever shot across her face, so I knew she was ready to try, I lay her on her back, telling her to take as much poppers as she c

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