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#70163 - My cell began to call and it wasn't the first time Harvey had tried to call me from leaving my house. when I got home Harvey messaged me again and it said you spineless son of a bitch I messaged Harvey back saying what am I meant to do Harvey face this head on? when I know I'm going to lose this fight I am not a blood relation its over, where over this was the tipping point Harvey I can't deal you wanted a child and now you have one congratulations and I'm sure your son will be very happy with you as a father Harvey messaged me back and it said see you in court tomorrow I hope you do what's right I will never stop loving you so yesterday it came to 11 am and I was sat in the court house waiting for the case to be called, when we went inside I stated my name for the record and gave my opening statement I Leonardo Nicolas Mathew Spencer do here by give up my rights (I started crying at this point)to my son Edvard Spencer to be reclaimed by his birt

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Houki shinonono
Clueless as to how he nails the women he does guy must be broke and over paying cause he really kinda sucks but some of the girls are hot
Wow you two are so risky i love it