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#299726 - the sweat running down her face and body, she smiles back after some time she gets up and walks over to me, she says she wants to take me to her place, i get up to move and she tells me to undress without a word, i do as she says , letting her see for the first time my rock hard cock, as i walk past her i feel her pout her hand out to stop me, i turn to her and we kiss long and deep, our tongues probing each others mouths, she then pulls away and tells me to sit down, i go to the chair and sit down, as i sit there watching her every move, she walks over to my chair and sits down, after a long pause she asks me to come over to her and sit on the desk. (tbc) ok here is part 2 Day 5 I go to work filled with anticipation at not knowing anybody and not knowing about the new job. i sit back in my chair still smiling, Dee gets up from the desk and walks away, she goes back to her chair.

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