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#293962 - . the next day me and harvey woke up about 7ish in the morning and got into the shower we was kissing against the wall (my back was really cold lol) we had something to eat and some coffee and i had a ciggarrete so are day went on and we both got dressed into are tuxes and harvey looked really hot in it i got a call on my cell and was told are limo was at the enterance of the apartments so me and harvey went down too the enterance and got in when we arrive at the formal dance we was greeted and we went in when we went into the main area harvey wispered in my ear its really posh here isnt it? its not bad babe a man walked upto us and said good everning leonardo and guest this is my hustband carl please to meet you hustband after saying that he offered his hand harvey shook his hand and we walked off harvey said to me he is a bit of a bastard isnt he babe you got no idea the music started and a voice addressed us all and said will all guest please make there way on

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