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#204747 - I see, said Calley, as she eyed Lisa for a moment before continuing, a lot of the people who work in this office are gay, so that's no problem at all! From what I see from your application, you would be perfect for the position now open. Her legs now shaking, Lisa used the wall to steady her balance, as her orgasm washed from her clit and into her cunt, causing her to collapse onto the toilet in a disheveled heap!!! When she looked up, she was staring into Paula's naked vagina! It was a wild growing brown bush that hid puffy lips and an erect clitoris! Eat me dear, Paula ordered, as she pulled Lisa's head to her mound. Does she ever hit you or hurt you, asked Lisa? Hurt me, laughed Lisa? Not hurt me, but once in a while she'll spank me if she thinks I've been out of line! It's nice not to have to worry about anything, because she makes all our major decisions.

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