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#155978 - a bit more than we should but it was fun, Herbert would rub my back and my legs as we sat at the table, and he would hold me close and massage my ass as we danced, a couple of other men cut in on us so I danced with them also, they were rugged looking black men, it looked strange me a 50 year old sightly over weight white women dancing with guys who could be my sons, Herbert told them he was my husband so things didn't get to out of hand, although they did feel my ass and boobs up. We had a nice dinner and some drinks. When I felt Herbert's finger go into my rectum first one then the other then 3 fingers in me, Ed got behind me and pushed his BBC into my ass until his balls were on my pussy, Ed and Larry got the movements right and gave me a great fuck, until the both shot off inside me, Herbert and Luis soon took their places with Luis in my ass, they both unloaded inside me, , the guys helped my up taking me to the shower, me holding one hand over my cunt and the other over my rect

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