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#161152 - “Miss Fanshawe, one mystery puzzles me,” I explained, “My son is much the same build as I, no muscle bound monster but only a small degree taller and stronger than yourself, so why did you not fight him off?” “He caught me unawares and he is as you say stronger and taller than I,” she insisted. “Very well, I shall summon Geoffrey, shall we say tomorrow, two of the clock, shall we meet here?” I thought of the fragrant Miss Fanshawe that evening when I took my ease with Maisey my upstairs maid, I imagined it was Miss Fanshawe’s lips around my member not Maiseys, that it was Miss Fanshawe’s moans from the intrusion of my fingers and her moans when I twisted her teats. ” “Then you may grope her and welcome,” he stated, “A pleasant change from serving maids I would have thought.

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Rory mercury
Who is she
Hakufu sonsaku
No build up whats the point