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#111709 - I was not expecting it to come out so fast, or for so much to actually come, I nearly choked, but swallowed the first lot, and just left my mouth there until I couldn't feel any more come out. I said “Good morning, what did you do to me?” “After I went to bed last night, I went researching how to make a girl feel good, I read about what I just did, and knew I had to try it” “really? What else did it say?” “Well, it said to get pleasure for both of us, I could put my dick inside you and copy what I do when I play with myself” I go back to yesterday and remember how big he was “but I'm too small, you've seen how little my hole is, I could barely get my finger in, let alone you” “Actually sis, your hole expands, I had my tongue inside you, and that's fatter than your finger, yes?” “I suppose, I'll have to think about that though, lets get ready for school, its finally Friday.

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Hajime nagumo
Milked it out of him
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Hot hentai
Mhhh yaaa love to get the same xx
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This is all types of fucking weird