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#342363 - “Mrs Smith” can you hear me? A vaguely familiar voice asks, “Mrs Smith” you feel someone shaking your arm, slowly you stir, your body feels like a ton weight, you vision blurred and hazy, “Mrs Smith” your eyes begin to focus on your surroundings as you try to sit up, but cant “Mrs Smith” the insistent voice continues, your confused and disorientated “Mrs Smith “you recognise the voice as that of the Dukes wife. Power is then directed to the dildo, your hips slowly begin to react to the stim, trying to pump up and down, but the Duke holds you fast, a nod from the Duke and the gas mask is removed, your head begins to clear, and your situation is slowly dawning on you, your being raped, abused, your tied, stretched open, all in full view of a room full of people, all intently watching your debasement. A full programme of events from clay pigeon shooting, to fly casting and fishing techniques, show jumping and dog scurries, keeping you occupied all day, with so much to see and time runn

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