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#39657 - When Miss Foley sensed his approaching orgasm, she became a varitable human vacuum cleaner, making sure that every drop of his spurting cum was not wasted, but swallowing it down like it was nectar from the gods!!! Even after he had shot his load, she continued to lick and nibble at his semi hard pecker, seemingly like she wanted to stay near it as long as she could. He took a right on Elm Street, and two blocks later he slowed down and drove by the old homestead. When the head would pass over her clitoris, she would gasp and jerk her whole body in an involuntary spasm until finally easing the head into her hole, letting out a low satisfying moan as his thickness filled her to the brim! Rocking to and fro, Scott could see the wide expanse of her big fat ass, spread apart to accommodate his wide shaft.

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So cute girl