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#171565 - Nonsense, she retorted, there are plenty of machines to go around, and when we use free weights we can spot for each other, so what do ya say!?! Carl thought about it for a second, and nodding said, Sure, why not, and maybe you can give me some pointers on how to build up this decrepit body!!! She laughed an infectious laugh, and gave his arm a playful squeeze and rejoined, Okay then, Carl, let's get started!!! For the next hour, Carl worked out harder than he ever had over the past year. Carl took his time under the needle like jets of hot water, letting the warmth relax his tired aching muscles, his thoughts, however, were still on Quin and her magnificent body! A lot of guys would be turned off by a woman with such a large muscle development, but for some reason Carl was really turned on by her over sized dimensions! As the water cascaded over his body, his penis was becoming erect just thinking about Quin's body and he quickly grabbed his towel and wrapped it a

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Daichi manatsu
You guys never dissapoint
Saiai kinuhata
Godam such a big dick in such a small body hmm i love to see you with the real one