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#199834 - I ask her how would she feel if it’s just the three of us and she says thank god because she can’t take any more of Daisy’s shit and that we might come home and find her dead and that the only reason she has beat the shit out of her is because both of them are pregnant so I ask her what has she done now and she tells us that she has been chatting with some guy online and she found out today she had Henry lock her in a cage in the basement until she could tell us she they also found naked pictures on the computer that she sent some guy and she gives me some papers that are them sending messages this bitch is really stupid she thought she was going to leave the island with money and the baby so she tells us that Henry took her computer. When I pull out I reach for my wet wipes and give them both some after cleaning up and buttoning up my leathers I take a seat and kiss Sonya and Rob and tell them that we need to talk before we go home. I go over the rules again to remind them where the

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