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#153474 - Trying to work up enough nerve to enter the more than tawdry business, Donna thought back on her nights of agony, when the need for relief in her pussy was almost unbearable! She finally hopped out of the car, put two quarters in the meter, and headed off down the street. When they came to a display case, the young man asked quietly, Do you see any here that you might be interested in? Donna stared at the huge array of dildos and vibrators, and her face reddened at the thought of having to discuss such intimate details with a total stranger! The young man, who introduced himself as Clay, offered, Follow me to the back of the store, I have something you may be interested in! A slightly confused Donna followed Clay from the front part of the store and through the door that led to the peep shows. He wore tiny bikini under shorts, and the thin cotton barely contained the arching banana that was fighting to release itself from its prison! Taking both hands, she pulled the elastic towa


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