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#226605 - Once I had worked her up, I eased up, my cock near her butt once more, slowly, I eased the tip of my cock in her butt, with my wrist at the opening, it started going in, Stef was going wild, sniffing more and more as my cock went right in, she had my fist and cock in her butt, and Gary still fucking her pussy, with Frank face fucking her. Sue came home around 4pm, and get ready, the girls came back in, both naked and looking great, we sat down to eat a light meal, the talk turned to sex and what Stef wanted to try again, with a smile she said, anything, I loved last time, and want it all again, and maybe a fisting with a cock in my pussy too, No problem I said, then shyly she said, that she had been trying anal at home with some large objects with her dildo in her pussy, and had squirted again. That did the trick; she came so hard her body shook as my fist was gripped tight.

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