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#237726 - I never do it with anything less than my whole heart because I know that every time could be my last, and I don't want to go out like no halfassed little bitch. I guess the main one would be did Lori know who I was before we met? It's a fair question really because as I said I was fairly well known around the hippest bars in Nashville, and having worked at a strip club and dated a stripper who was also deep into the goth/punk/art scene I guess I had kind of a rep long before this. Just as a little aside, there are many things about the south that are weird, fucked up, and need to change, but the idea of being a gracious host, and a maintaining a certain level of civility and courtesy, even between enemies? We need to hang on to that shit like grim death because that's a cultural norm worth preserving.

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You take my face and my whole head and hold it until you squirt or piss on my mouth
Girl i looove your hentais might be an odd request but could you pleeeaaase upload send some sort of workout guide or some of the exercises you do
Midori takamine
Good one