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#234877 - The title of Pharoh and the promise of 1000 years of perfect health and any Woman you desire is a powerful incentive so at the end of every month Richter must defend his title against an opponent who's willing to do anything to take Richters place, this makes the fights so much more exciting and provides entertainment to my Nerothians and myself. Another example are Goa'uld statis jars, they look like Egyptian canopic jars but are filled with a liquid sedative which renders the Gou'uld symbiote trapped inside unconcious, they have a small naqueda generator that creates an eletrical pulse but they do not have the rejuvinating/ regenerating energy that our hand healing devices and sarcophagus's have. My Nerothians know me as a kind and all powerful god who can read their minds but her doubt of my power is bothering me, she wanted to know why I needed 10 guards so I've decided to show my Nerothians just how powerful I really am.

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