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#393224 - John was relieved to find a storage cupboard in an office on the upper level, from inside he could see the whole warehouse and could use a control panel to operate everything remotely rather than have to cross the multitude of walkways and use the much smaller individual control panels for each section. He ignored her breasts and shifted forward, propped Lorraine’s head up with the pillow he once lay on and pushed forward slowly, allowing Lorraine to realize exactly what he was doing, she ran out of mouth space rather quickly but John had a few inches of cock left and with a rough thrust, she felt it go down her throat and she gargled, Jon began thrusting his hips, unable to believe the incredible feeling that caressed his penis. Lorraine lay on her back while she slept, he knew this from many years of peeking through the keyhole of her room and so simply waited, to keep himself awake he lowered one hand slowly and caressed his testicles, feeling his scrotum loosen considerably as ar

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