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#4095 - Scott asked!?! Yeah, we could try that, he said quickly, anytime she likes!!! Good, the doctor said, then how about right now!?! Y-you mean here, and now, Kurt stammered!?! What did I tell you, Janelle retorted, he's never gonna change!!! Now wait a minute, Kurt responded with the color rising in his cheeks, if you want it here and now, well by god, I'll give it to you!!! Okay then, the doctor replied, both of you follow me, please, I have a special room for just this type of therapy!!! The room was fairly spartan, with a queen size bed in one corner and an easy chair and an end table several feet away!!! I'll take a seat right here and record the data, while you two get undressed and get into bed, the doctor ordered!!! And then what, Kurt asked?!? Then, Janelle replied quickly, you're gonna do what ever I say, isn't that right, Dr. Scott, by the time they were naked, Kurt already had a very large erection, which prompted the d

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