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#253645 - Jack got right down to it, and made an appointment for later that afternoon at Jill Hadley's office in the Murchison Building down town. The key phrase was high pay, and Jack could certainly use a little bit of that! He scribbled the number on a piece of scratch paper and went off to find a pay phone! The number rang at least five times until it was answered by a female with a deep husky sexy voice. When he was done, she glanced at them quickly and then said, Okay, Jack, they look all right, good, now then, I have to check on one more thing, you'll have to show me your body, I have to be sure that you measure up physically! Right here, asked Jack rather meekly??? It's as good a place as any, Jill shot back, you might as well get used to it, because from now on you're going to be stripping in front of a lot more than one woman!!! Jack nodded in agreement and stood up and removed all of his clothing, exposing himself completely to the older woman.

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