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#318500 - Rod's cock was hard, so I told Dave to let him take his place fucking me, while he left his fist in and wank Rod inside me. Rod then also took his time fucking me fast for some time, then returning his cock to my mouth while Dave took his place fucking me, each guys cock was slightly different, the angles speed and how it hit my g spot all added to a great fuck, not once did they slow down, fucking flat out, then swapping ends, my butt now becoming super sensitive, as anal orgasms ripped though me. It was probably an hour and half later when they slowed a bit, both needing to rest, so with little fuss, I got them to lay legs entwined, cocks together and slid them both in deep, riding them for some time, before Dave wanted more, as I slipped of their cock's, Dave's fist found my wet hole and went right in, Rod in awe as Dave fisted me deep, then I told Dave to push his cock in with his fist, Rod let out a low moan of disbelief, as Dave began to enter my tight but

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