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#390842 - Taking me by the hand up the stairs we went to a room with some blankets and pillows on the floor, turning to me he reached started opening all the buttons on my dress, I stood there as he removed my dress dropping it on the floor, looking over my whole body. I pulled it down quickly standing up, he was snickering, taking hold, looking at my license you are only eighteen, a little young to be drinking he told me he had to give me a road sobriety test, he had me walk a straight line, then stand on one foot. He had me put my hands on top of the car with my legs apart, I began to cry a bit, I couldn't believe this was happening, he was just standing behind me, not doing anything, his hands went on my hips reaching around to my breast, both his hands squeezed them for several seconds, I knew he wasn't looking for anything just getting a feel, especially when he pinched both my nipples.

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