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#264186 - Not long after I was pushing her legs back till her knees reached her shoulders, her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip, her full sex and puckered asshole was exposed to me, by this time my cock was hungry so I rested it on her throbbing pussy while we kissed deeply. I loved the way how her ass would stick out for such a young girl and I enjoyed the times when I peeled off her shorts, bent her over, spread her ass cheeks with my large hands and stuck my tongue in between her freshly showered pussy lips. I stayed there until my cock went limp and soft, I pulled out and a string of cum soon trickled out them followed by a string of it.

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Aichi sendou
Love this and would love to see you fingering his ass while he cums in your mouth
Sahli lao
His moaning made me hot