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#4190 - ” Shit shit shit I thought and I responded almost instantly,” who are you and why are you in my house¿” why did I ask that for I really didn’t care who or why she was here but glad she was, thinking I could get something out of it. I didn’t know much of it except by the thumbnail it had to preview it. She then rolled over putting her arm around me whispering in a sort of panting breath that she was glad I was home and jacking off when she came, at this moment I got a smell of her perfume which smelled like a mix of strawberries and flowers, it was glorious and I knew I would never forget this as I responded with,” so did I ” and a little chuckle she chuckled a little too and we laid there cuddled next to each other I pulled my comforter over us to keep us warm from the sealing fan blowing air on are sweating bodies.

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Meimi haneoka
And this was hardcore
Edy nelson
Black women are the most beautiful