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#308689 - I was in shock at what Mom just did, then I was sitting there scared to freaking death cause now she was kind of waking up she rolled over moaning as I slid off the bed and snuck towards the door she sat up looking right at me and says what going son are you ok, I was stunned umm yeah mom I was just checking on you, she says how did I get here? And why am I nude? I was frozen in fear didn’t she feel me fucking her with my fingers? or is she just trying to keep it like a secret only she knows, dam Now I am worried about what she Is thinking or knows, I’m thinking what next and then she says I am so drunk honey what happened son? Will you get me some water she asked, so I went in her bathroom got her some water and went and sat next to her, she gave me a hug and ask me if Monica helped her to bed and undressed? I said no mom I did it and because you got sick on your cloths I had to take them off and wash you up. So I started removing her shirt and she said in a slurred voice Thank yo

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