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#275683 - Rikimarue feeds Ayame three times a day everyday, he taunts her everyday by asking her questions like if the horse demon impregnates you would your baby be a demon Centaur? Ou - Chan is a giant monster, if he impregnates you could you even survive giving birth to his child? She ignores his taunts by focusing on the multiple scenarios that play in her head. Ayame dreams that she's holding her Orc Son in her arms far away from Rikimarue, her dream is interupted by what sounds like chains moving over something, she opens her eyes and right away she notices that she can barely move her head and hands, looking to her left she sees Rikimarue placeing a lock between two chain links and closing the lock. Right now Ayame, Merik and Rikimarue are in Rikimarus basement but a surge of dark energy fills the entire basement and when the dark energy vanishes all three find themselves in a small pocket dimesnion.

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