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#116833 - She got up and walked toward the door, Just dont involve your sister in this stuff, its not right, but if you ever need anything just let me know And she walked out the door with me still sitting there not even knowing what to think about everything that happened that day and cumming for the first time from someone touching it other than me. I was coming to talk to you in case you felt awkward about what happened in the hallway but instead I find you playing with yourself?!?! Not only that but when you see that we walked in on it you kept doing it while we were only looking out of shock, she yelled, tightening her grasp around my dick even more whenever she raised her voice. My sister was walking down the hall toward her room as my mom, only a few steps ahead of her, opened my unlocked door to find me in perfect view of them both as I furiously stroked my cock.

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