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#349805 - He is at the head of the bed and climbs on, I can see this black monster bobbing up and down as he crawls towards me. I look up at him helplessly. I was just a helpless rag doll impaled on the end of his incredible hard male member, with his knees in between my thighs spreading me, and my wrists held so tight it would leave them sore and bruised for days! He continued to ram and jam me! My by big bare tits were flying and flopping around so violently that they to would be sore for days after! My fiance and I had, what I thought was some harsh sexual intercourse and even some bondage with it, but it paled by comparison to the incredible harsh hammering intercourse I was to receive this evening! I knew he was trying to hurt me,and this was the kind of abuse I had perversely fantasized about.

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