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#26154 - Not being able to stand much more of this you turn round and lower your juicy cunt down onto his cock which slides in so easily, putting your hands on the side of the walls of the cubicle you start to pump up and down on his cock, his hands come round and one opens your blouse and he starts to squeeze your nipples and his other hand finds your clit and he starts to rub it while you are taking his length into your cunt hole, your eyes are closed in ecstasy as you can feel you cunt muscles gripping his hard cock. It really is long and very thick, the head is deep red and it seems to be pulsing, the guy with his cock in your cunt reaches around and takes hold of it and starts to wank it into your mouth, you are still pumping his cock with your cunt but not so much now as you want to concentrate on the cock being wanked into your mouth by the guy fucking you. Oh and yes funnily enough you were late for work, but as you sat on your boss’s desk, somehow he forgave you, must have been th

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