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#19123 - I go over and open it and pull out a rag and began to bath you and clean my little girl you before we leave ! then I bet a towel out of my bag and dry you off and kiss you ! We get dressed and head home and I ask If your going to do it again and You say Yes Daddy Ill do it again! Get Home and your mom ask how it when and we say together were going back! Next time we are learning about power tools!. You stop and I run into the back of you and you can feel my cock up against you butt! You getting more excited! You smell the old musty barn and can barely make out the smell of the horses! I tell you to stop and you stop ! I grab your arm and pull it up to one side and put a soft cloth on your wrist and then hook it up high and I get your other wrist and do the same to it so now your arms are up like your doing the jump and jacks! You have a little button down shirt on and real tight blue jeans on ! I come up to you and tell you that you have been bad and that daddy has to take

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Shiho sannomiya
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Yu miaoyi
Most girls retract with a huge head orally but she craves it my dream
Beautiful girl