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#263720 - “Oh Dan, I’ve wanted you to kiss me like that for years” My hand moved up her body and I felt her little boobs and her hard nipples, then glided down her flat stomach to between her legs, no hair, she let out a gasp as my fingers dragged across her slit. Here was my 13 year old sister that I had custody of laying naked in my bed with my cum completely covering her face, the scene was almost surreal, she no longer was my sister but a hot little dirty girl, my mind raced already with thoughts of doing all kinds of things with her. “OMG Faith Jamie knows, if she ever tells anyone I can go to jail and who knows what would happen to you” “Dan its ok Jamie isn’t going to say anything to anyone, She is my best friend, plus she really likes you” she responded To my surprise my cock did not go down, instead it got even harder “So it doesn’t bother you that we are family, it doesn’t gross you out what I used to do?” I asked her She looked right in my eyes and said “no Dan, it doesn’t, I

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Your hentai is amazing
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Damn yes i love when he cums in my ass