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#19955 - Master was grinning as He squatted down in front of me and bent His head towards my left nipple and sucked it into His mouth, I moaned as I felt Him flick His tongue across the hardening bud, and then with His teeth pulled slightly outward and then let it go, over and over, He nibbled, sucked, pulled and let go, and then rolled His tongue around it. He reached for them and took them off quickly and without soothing them or me, I was told it was bedtime. Master sat back and we stared at each other, no words were spoken, He just simply stood up held out His hand for me to take and we walked into the cabin and into our room where we made love the rest for of the afternoon.

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Karin asaka
15 anos
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Her noises she makes so hot
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I feel a disturbance in the force oh fuck its a trap