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#271480 - I couldn't believe myself, but then suddenly disappointed by her clothes, they were fine, jeans with some derby tee shirt and sandals, but they weren't slutty which would mean I would have to actually work for a girl for once in my life. That night was the last night I last fucked Sarah, she came over dress in a small white mini skirt, and a blue tank top fully exposing her hard 36' B's, She just walked in and started yelling at me for smelling like pot, I was really pissed, for I was almost sick of fucking her and really sick of her nagging at me all the time, so I screamed at her look it's over between you and me okay! and she gave me a snarled glare, you fucking jackass and kept screaming about how I smoke shit and was a complete loser to her, so to shut her up I grabbed her breasts from behind and pulled off her shirt, this shut her up and turned her on, she turned around and questioned me what the hell are you doing Andy? I grinned between kissin

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Only if you treated your fans like you treated dick