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#350327 - We talked until around half five and she got up saying she had better be going, I engaged my mouth before my brain, and came out with “You can stay here if you want” “Thanks dad, but I’ve got nothing to wear” my mind shot back to the club and I said “After tonight’s performance, does it matter”? she laughed and replied, “You only want to see me naked again” “No it’s not that, I just thought it would save you driving back to your room” “It’s OK dad, I was just teasing” “So do you want to stay” “As you say it would save me the drive, so thanks, I will accept your offer of a bed for the night” she helped me make the spare bed up, then had a quick shower before turning in. The door bell rung and I went to answer it, it was Tony, I had forgot he was coming round for our morning round of golf, asking him in I wondered what to say about Kristine being there, as he entered the kitchen he stopped dead in his tracks, he looked at me “Isn’t that the girl from the club” I nodded, “You lucky ba

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