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#93439 - As I laid on the bed beside my mother asked me how my day at school had been, I told her it had been a long day and I couldn't stop thinking about her. My mother looked at me and said you saw my four friends, I was shocked my own mother had just let four men fuck her, no wonder her cunt was full of cum and her body covered in cum, I thought to myself, that my mother was definitely a slut. No I haven't told anyone as I promised and after you told me about the three men and the boy you fucked I thought how great it would be to watch you fucking another boy.

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Junpei hyuuga
Great fuck i counted four or five orgasms in 14 minutes love her accent and how she told him how horny she was while he was feeling her up at the pool she really wanted his huge penis and he really rammed it to her love to see more of this pair
Totooria helmold
This chick rules
Luigi torelli
Cool ass
Mmm hot keep ripping pants