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#351125 - I knew that Tony wanted to fuck me as badly as I wanted him to but I could tell by the look on his face that he didn't know what to do, given the situation! After all, my husband and Carl were both with us! I wanted to signal hubby that I wanted this guy, and I winked at him while we were in the elevator; he could also tell that Tony was feeling confused, so he thought he would put everyone at ease and said 'baby, you've already flashed your lacy panties at these guys while we were dancing, why don't you lift your blouse and let them see those fabulous breasts'! I was a bit shocked, especially since Tony's friend Carl was also with us, but I was so incredibly aroused I couldn't hold back. and did I ever! His giant chocolate dick slipped right up inside of me again and I bucked and pumped and rode him like a bronco until I arched back with the most incredible orgasm I could remember! I looked around to see if my husband was enjoying the show and.

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Man this is hot as fuck
Keep making public stuff its the best
Shuuichi saihara
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