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#129237 - 169ASC The sun was glaring down upon the attic plains like a searching eye as I rode across he ice tundra on m new eagle tiger bear alongside he avatar on her polar bear dog as she smiled and laughed happily with me having he time of her life. Our lips locked together as we kissed each other passionately, longingly and softly, her lips were soft and warm as our lips locked and we both stood there holding eachother tightly as if we were drowning in each other and were struggling for dear life. As we approached the compound the gates swung open slowly to reveal an angry small man in the middle of the courtyard storming towards us both, I suppose the two of you think it is terribly funny to just get up and disappear for three hours! And then this glowing sphere appears over the water tribe camp that no one can seem to get rid of! First I Want to know where you went and where that orb came from!! he roared at us like an enraged lion We won't tell you where we went

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