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#131222 -   Soon we landed in spain, we got to the hotel and i noticed People where partying, and i thought to myself what the fuck All day all night Viva la fiesta, viva la noche Viva los DJ's I couldn't believe what I was living So I called my friend Johnny And I said to him: Johnny, La gente esta muy loca! What the f*ck!?   Also im half spain. But that 1 foot jap wasnt going to be bridged. l, the first thing i noticed was it tasted like apples and then i passed out   As i came back around i was sitting om my ass in a aircraft seat ready for takr off   I looked to johnny and said if you wanted to fuck me you should of taken me to dinner first He looked at me shocked and said that he would never think of fucking me while i was knocked out   i said i love you so much right now but why did you knock me out but wake me ip beforethe flight landed in spain, now i have to sit here for 3 hours   He said sorry, i just gitten you through borarder control while passed oit give

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