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#222467 - They’re giving you an enema, the machine pumps fluid deep into your bottom, distending your stomach, hands massage and work your lower abdomen, a finger gently circles and rubs your clit, the little nub swelling and reddening in response, the finger slips easily into your stimulated and wet sex, making you involuntarily clamp your vaginal muscles around your violator, the machine constantly fills and empties you, powerful drugs and pheromones designed to heighten your bodies reaction to stimulation are mixed within the fluid and to your horror you feel more involuntary spasm’s inside your pussy. “You see, your husband Rodger your loyal partner, it was he, he was the instigator of your predicament, he’d planned it all, your resistance to his request’s to try different sex practices over the years, to attend wife swapping, group sex and estimming parties had tried his patience for to long, now it was time for you to be ‘educated’. To be continued?.

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