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#308951 - Clear for now the pilot turned off the engine and I jumped out and took a look around. Fang I want you to find a place to stow the truck we may need it to evac more survivors. I am Captain john hiller the commander of the 101st marine fire team nicknamed the “hell fighters” sat In the passenger seat of the Blackhawk helicopter in full body armor armed to the teeth my fire team was en-route to a strange aircraft that landed in the small town of fenton Michigan, and attacked a few locals with what the survivors said “melted them to ashes” My team was made up of 5 marines himself and one science officer assigned to them by the navy The whole team loaded up with the most powerful weapons they could carry he looked down the line of eager soldiers Joan ‘’medic’’ the teams medical officer was barely armed with only a glock Kim ‘’wraith’’the teams best sniper had a M107 .

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