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#37649 - One month later when we were all out shopping, Sheena and Shona both bent over (from the waist) to check out an item from a low shelf and I got an amazing view of their hairy arses as I was standing just a few feet behind them but the best bit was when their dresses rode up their back's and fully exposed both their arses to me, that was absolutely BRILLIANT. Recently we were in a shopping Mall and Sheena was wearing a strapless, mid-thigh length summer dress, (which hung from and was also pleated from just above her very large 44JJ tits) and the dress was VERY billowy in even the lightest gusts of wind, so much so in fact that on the long walk from the car to the Mall her dress blew up to and almost but not quite over her head, showing her very hairy Pussy, Belly, Thighs & Legs to anyone who bothered to look and she made no move to hold her dress down in any way. The woman, Shona, was getting very agitated at this sexual openness and told us she had never met a couple like u

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