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#148775 - It was funny as soon as I’d become a good business director I had women coming out of the cracks in the wall, okay now I’m 40, and my nieces friend had a crush on me she was but eighteen once more, I took her to a motel some 30 miles from my home, it was just a quick fuck I’d wanted it lasted but two hours but again she was extremely tight one hell of a fuck, when I took her home she informed me that she’d never been fucked by a managing director before; I found that quite funny, there are plenty of managing directors about, I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded one little bit. I told her that she was idea for modelling but being on the short side she’d never make the catwalk; telling her to get herself latched on to a photographer an use him to get her portfolio. Well I got to fuck her, never in all my life have I come across such a drenched pussy, I could hardly feel anything but it didn’t stop me cumming, before we’d start she informed me that I couldn’t cum up her, which was a real

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