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#549 - ” “Yeah, sure,” he shot back, “and get my ass kicked for my trouble, not thanks!!!” Before Dana could reply to her mewling husband the door swung open and a smiling Jack invited them inside. “Okay, both of you strip,” Jack ordered, “and make it fuckin’ snappy, we don’t have all day here, I’ve got another white pussy comin’ up in a couple of hours!” Dana felt an instant pang of jealousy at the thought of another woman sucking Jack’s big black boner, but she knew better than to even act a little upset by that bit of bad news! When both of them were completely naked Jack casually fingered Dana’s drooling pussy while asking, “Hey, pussy, have you ever sucked a big cock?!?” Frank wasn’t quite sure he had heard correctly and asked in askance, “W-what do you mean by that???” “Jesus, baby, he is always this fucking stupid?!?” “I ask you a question, cunt, now answer me!!” With real fear now quickly spreading through him, Frank gulped loudly and replied, “N-no, never. She would fuck him every

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