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#167476 - Both of my cousins are fairly attractive and I would get in bed with either one of them. Than I thought “Oh my god I’m turning gay I was just watching the two girls go at it when mom walked in, naked, her pussy hairy and wet. “Hey Nikki, did you tell her, what we were doing” “No, I swear” “Okay what ever” I said as I got up “So what can we do now, I’m all sex out for a couple hours” “I know” Nikki said, “We should all change roles for the rest of the day” I got a little nervous “I don’t like the way this sounds, this doesn’t involve me cross dressing now does it” “Of course it does you silly boy,” Nikki said “I do not like the way this sounds” I said as Nikki pulled out a lacey thong, bra, jeans, shirt, and a razor.

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